Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Cards from around the world

Hello to all my blogging friends and thank you for stopping in again. I want to welcome Monica, Nana Donna, Darlene and Chrissie from Less Is More, as new followers and thank them for joining. I must admit that I have been checking in and did see that I had new people join and really should have thanked EACH of you as you joined BUT my mind and heart have not been on blogging or card making these last weeks since finding out that my daughter Susan has cancer. I belong to a couple of card groups and had spoke on the phone to Donna, a very special lady in one of the groups. Well long story short..... she posted a note explaining what was  happening in a very lovely way so as not to invade our privacy and asked that they shower me with prayers and cards. I posted back that I would rather their prayers and cards go to my daughter as she would need the encouragement. I posted to the other group that I belong to and got very concerned posts from them also and offers to send cards too. Now last Monday after we arrived  home from the specialist my granddaughter walked in with the mail for her mother and there were 5 cards there for her. I can't tell you how it made her feel. She said what a wonderful bunch of ladies they must be to place her in their prayers plus send cards of encouragement to someone they didn't even know. I am now trying to start a prayer chain reaching as many countries around the world for her and I privately  contacted some of my followers asking if they would place Susan in their prayers and if they could also find it in their hearts to send her some encouragement in a card from their country. I received  some lovely  emails back but one was exceptional from a dear lady in Indonesia. This was from Monica, a new follower and she lovingly offered to place something on her blog asking people to send cards to Susan also. She also said that I should really let you know what was happening and how it would be soooo nice to have "Thinking of You"   or  "Your in my Prayers"  cards sent from as many countries as possible. I have seen that I have had visitors from all around the world .....soooo if there are any of you out there that would like to send a card of encouragement from your country please email me privately and I will send you my daughters address. You can reach me  HERE Thank you for even taking the time to read this. Carolyn
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