Saturday, June 11, 2011

Less is More- Boxed Image

Again I would like to REALLY thank all of you that have taken a moment to leave me a comment on my cards. One day I had 60 views from another challenge site and not one person made a comment of any kind.  You gals at "Less is More" are really great about spreading some encourgement with your comments.

I had every intention of getting this challenge posted first thing this morning BUT since my hubby passed I have become the Mr Fix It of this house and last summer a squirrel had ripped my kitchen window screen soooo I figured I would give it a try at replacing it. Well I wnt to tell you gals out there on your own..... there was nothing to it so don't be afraid of at least trying to fix things yourself.

Ok enough of that .... on to my card.

I have tried a couple of times to enter my cards at Less is More only to get a note saying I didn't do it right. I did manage to enter another one but I found it very hard to leave a lot of the space empty. You would think this would be easy to do but I guess we are used to layers and more layers and I kept thinking it needs just a little more. Well this week I just did as requested and this one is a very simple understated card but I am thinking that less is starting to be refreshing now. I will try more of these.

There is nothing to tell you about this card other than I used SU Black card stock and ink.

Here is my attempt for this week.
You should try one too.  LOL I bet you will find it hard not to think .... but it just needs a little something. LOL

OK Chrissie.....  did I do any better????  LOL I hope 3 is a charm....  as they say and I am on the right track now. 
I have to edit this post....
I just can't believe this!!!!! I messed up again!!!! This week is supposed to be as follows....

OLC One Layer CardOne piece of card folded in half with no additional layers and minimal embellishments, where the image is stamped or printed directly onto the cardstock.

and I just had to put it on BLACK CARDSTOCK!!!!!OK Chrissie I will do another one and I am going to go and bang my head against the wall. I will get it right...I will get it right... I will get it right.


Less is More


  1. Fab stamps, think I have these somewhere and have never used them!! Going to go and dig them out you have inspired me :)

  2. My Goodness I'm glad you joined in :0) Your card is lovely, Gay xx

  3. Even though your card isn't for this week - its still beautiful!

  4. This is a really nice card but I'm looking forward to your OLC too!

    Good to hear you repaired your screen door too


  5. Well Carolyn apart from the black card stock, it's perfect... please don't go and bang your head on the wall!!... but I'd love to see what else you can come up with!
    Thanks so much
    Lady LIM
    "Less is More"

  6. Well I think you've made a really classy card here. I love those Window Art stamps.

    Hope you DIDN'T bang your head against the wall.

    Congrats on doing some FIX-IT jobs around the home. xxx

    Hugs, Sandra View my card HERE!

  7. This is lovely, I hope you didn't hurt your head too much lol
    Beryl x

  8. Love this card....I would be please to receive it.. just do exactly the same onto plain white folded cs...sorted for the challenge...
    Claire x

  9. Oh dear Carolyn and it's such a pretty card! Please don't bang your head against the wall, it'll just make a hole and then you'll have to fix it! Lol! xx

  10. It is still a beautiful card. Very simple but perfect. Love it. Thanks for sharing and have a great day. Angela

  11. I think these stamps are fab - I particularly like the sentiment! And I think mono works so well on your card.

  12. Carolyn...sorry, but you made me laugh! I can read the challenge rules okay...I just have trouble making the card! LOL! Your card is lovely!
    My Card

  13. Oh Carolyn it was going so well LOL
    No need to beat yourself up though its only card challenge!
    Super card apart from the mounting, waiting with baited breath for the next one....
    Thank you very much
    Diva LIM mandi
    "Less is More"

  14. Carolyn, I agree with you about the comments, doesn't it just lift your spirits to have people take the time to let you know they visited? And the LIMettes are very, very good at that. :-)
    Don't bang your head on the wall, the card is beautiful, and it would work without the black base as well. Even though it isn't one layer, someone is going to be very happy to receive it.

  15. Beautiful card regardless of the layers!
    Helen x

  16. Clean and simple yet very stylish!

  17. It's still a great CAS card even if it's not OLC. Sue.x

  18. Oh you made me laugh when I read your post. We all do it! Super card by the way and p.s. it looks fab on the black card stock! x

  19. Lovely card! Thanks for commenting on mine.


Thank you so much for taking a few moments to leave comment. I really appreciate it and look forward to them.

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