Thursday, May 19, 2011

Do you Doodle?

Well if you like to doodle when you are on the phone or just sitting talking to someone then this technique is for you. I never sit and doodle but I found it easy and fun to do.

I saw cards using this technique called Zentangle being offered at a store and thought "I can likely do this" so I went home and played around. This is my FIRST attempt after finding this info about how to Zentangle  HERE on the web. There is much more out there.... just do a search in google.

 I am not claiming that I know what I am doing here..... I just thought this is something all you doodlers might like to try..... I managed to do it soooo I am sure you can too. Just play around for some fun.

OK I will attempt to show you how I did mine. I started with a white square 2 & 1/2  X 2 & 1/2. I just drew some curves to map out an area to doodle within. I tried to recreate the one I did on my card so I could show you a few steps soooo this is not going to look exactly like the finished one.  You can sketch any type of area for yours.

I used a very fine tip Avery black marker.

Next I just started to doodle. I found these little shell shapes an easy one to try first.

Just keep going until this section is full, then try something in the next one. You will see lots of patterns at the site I linked to above. Don't be scared.... just try something.

Now you will notice that this time mine came out looking more like squares because I didn't curve the lines like it did on my card. Now look at my first attempt at this.

I really hope that you will take a few moments to try this fun technique. It looks very complicated but it isn't.

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  1. This is cool .... I have (in the past two months) stumbled upon zentangle, and I love it ... it is so easy and you can create some amazing one of a kind projects ... I love how you have incorporated it into a card!!!


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