Sunday, July 31, 2011

Clean and Simple Flower Card

Oh I see I have a new follower so I will take a moment to thank Carolie for joining as a follower. I do appreciate it. 
I have been sooo busy lately that I just haven't had time to design up a new card to todays post so I am going to show you one that I did a few weeks ago.
It is another very simple card that might take 5 or 10 minutes to make up.

The caard base is SU Pale Plum. I stamped the flower then embossed the swirl pattern, coloured the flower and tied a bow for the stem.

I know it is a simple card but somethines simple is elegant. Hope you like it. I am working on a new one for tomorrows post sooo be sure to come back and see what I came up with.



  1. So simple, soft and feminine. Everything looks perfect.

    Thanks for visiting and the kind comments.

    Off to become your follower now and would love it if you follow me too. If you don't never mind, I will still come and visit. Lol...

    xxx Monica

  2. Have left something for you on my blog...

    xxx Monica

  3. Hello Carolyn .Just love this embossing where there is a clear space for stamping either image or sentiment . This card is so pretty.

  4. This card is adorable...

    I have sent an email regarding the award but it may not make sense so if you don't mind I will just type in the directions here.

    For posting on side bar:

    Go to design.

    Then click on ' add a gadget'.

    A host of things will appear - click on 'add a picture'. (by this while you should have copied the pictures by highlighting them and right clicking on the mouse. Something called 'copy as' will appear. Best to copy the pictures on to the card folder for easy access).

    When you click on 'add a picture', configure image will appear. The first column will say, Title - which is the award.

    Then there is a column for link incase you want to back link the award to the person who shared it with you. This is however optional.

    You will also see choose a file - click on it and the picture will be posted after you save it.

    This should make sense - however do feel free to send me an email.

    Hugs and may you get many more awards,


  5. Carolyn such a pretty card. Did you emboss the swirls by hand or is there a folder out there like this. I love it.

  6. Trish,
    It is an embossing folder by cuttlebug. Thanks for visiting my blog....why not come and join me as a follower and keep up with what I am doing.


  7. Great embossing folder and a lovely image, with beautiful soft colours. Makes a beautiful birthday card,
    You wanted to know what bins, just my rubbish bin and garden waste bin which also contains food scraps to be recycled into fertiliser or mulch - not quite sure what they do with it. We also have a recyclable materials bin for hard plastic, paper etc. These last two bins are emptied alternate weeks. And the nature strip... is just the bit of grass next to the footpath at the front of the house. Hope this answers your question, Carolyn

  8. Such a lovely creation. White is so elegant

  9. Simple colors are used that's way its looking so beautifully...
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  10. Oh Carolyn, this card is simply lovely!!! I hope you don't mind if I "case" it! :0) I love your blog. I look forward to seeing you post when you are able to again!
    Stamping hugs,


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