Sunday, July 10, 2011

EZ Mount-tip that worked for me.

Ohhhh did I ever figure out an easy way to use that EZ Mount. I have used it on some of my stamps before BUT hated the way you get the sticky stuff all over the scissors and it just seemed so hard to cut properly.

Well this weekend I figured I would unmount some of the stamps I had. I peeled the rubber right off the foam as I wanted to put the EZ Mount with the foam on. I got the stamps all pressed down on the sheet and cut this area off the rest of the sheet.

 NOW what I did was take this part (with the stamps stuck down on it) to the kitchen and laid it on a piece of waxed paper then I dusted flour all over everything making sure to get a good covering on the exposed EZ Mount. This made the cutting EASY and there was nothing that stuck to the scissors. When I was done I just cleaned the stamps on my stamp scrubber. It worked like a charm!

I didn't think to take the photo while they were ready to be cut but you can see  the ones at the top right corner of the photo have not been cut apart yet.

Now that I have tried this I won't be so hesitant to unmount more of my stamps. I do this so I can take more of my stamps with me when I go south for the winter.

I don't know if this will be of any help to anyone.....just thought I would pass it along because it worked so well for me.



  1. I've got a pair of serrated Tim Holtz scissors to cut stamps, they are wonderful but you still have to clean them, I know some people put baby powder on stamps before cutting which works well,

  2. Brilliant I must try this!
    Thanks Carolyn.


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