Monday, July 11, 2011

Same as Acrylic Block Stamping

Thanks for stopping in to see what I am up to. I haven't been as diligent with my posting as I would like to BUT it has been a busy summer.

I know I mentioned how I figured out how to repair my own window and door screens but I haven't told you about the plumbing problems I had when I returned home this spring.

I had jumped into the shower the next morning and found that I only had HOT cold was coming in soooo I have spent the last couple of months or more trying to fix this as they told me they would have to cut a hole in the bedroom wall behind the taps to get access to fix it. Well I didn't want to start tearing the house apart so I persevered until I finally got it fixed...... and I didn't have to tear out any walls either. I am so glad I picked up as much as I did from watching my husband repair things when he was alive as it has really helped me now.

Well enough of that..... on to the card I am posting today. LOL

 I posted a card  in June that I did for a challenge at Less is More (which you can see here) showing how I used my acrylic block for stamping and boy I got more page views than you can imagine.

Now this time I have used a glass out of my kitchen to stamp with because if you think about it all you really need is something non porous like the acrylic block was.

The glass I used had a swirled bottom which gave it a nice design. Now if you are going to try this you need to look for a glass that has a fairly flat bottom. I had lots that wouldn't work for this because they curved up underneath so only the edge of it would ink up.

 I tried to take a photo so you could see the ridges on the glass bottom.
 Now it's your turn.... go and give it a try.

I would love it if you would email me some of the cards you do using this idea. I will even add them to a post later on if you do.  mail to  mystampingroom at

Thanks again for stopping in.... hope you like this idea and will give it a try.



  1. That's a brilliant idea... I am going to have a go at that...when I post my card I will link back to you...
    your card is lovely as always
    Claire x

  2. How clever! I am definitely going to use your suggestion! Thank you for the inspiration!


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