Friday, July 15, 2011

Simple & Quick-Quilt Card

Hello my blogging friends. So glad to see you have dropped in again.

I must tell house repair endeavors are getting larger now. My granddaughter lives in an apartment  in my basement and her toilet was leaking sooooo I thought hard can it be to fix it.... after all I watched my husband do it before. LOL  Well here I go again........

I shut the water off, drained the toilet, undid the bolts holding it down, took the toilet off, replaced the wax seal, placed the toilet back on.....everything was great. I then started to tighten the bolts that hold it in place BUT no one told me they just needed to be hand tightened and I tightened them too much and heard a snap.

I thought I broke the toilet BUT it was ok.... then after taking the toilet back off and  looking I found I actually broke the flange that is glued to the pipe down in the cement floor. I thought ok, don't panic, there must be a quick fix for this soooo off to the store I went. They told me I would now have to bust up the cement with my ceramic floor, dig down through the gravel, cut the plastic pipe then add a new flange, then re cement and tile the floor!!!!!

By now I am having a fit..... then another clerk came by and said there was a brass plate that could be used if I could chip off the top of the flange but leave the neck in place. Well long story short...I did manage to have it done and her toilet is now working fine..... but I think I will really think before I try anything else. LOL

Sorry if I bored you with my plight. On to my card now.

Today I have a really quick way to do a quilt card. My sister found this on the web and then showed me how to do it last winter. I'm sorry, I don't know who to give credit to for this.

I used Rose Red for the card base and a mat of Pretty in Pink.

For the quilt I cut a square 3 x 3 of Rose Red. I then cut four 1 inch squares using a pink pattern paper and two 1 inch squares of green pattern paper.

To assemble these I started by gluing the four pink pieces into the four corners of the Rose Red square.

I then glued one of the green squares in the center as shown here.

Next I cut the second green square in half from corner to corner. Then cut the half's in half again. This photo shows one half cut in half again and the upper one is just the half before cutting again.

I then glued  these as shown here. Continue the same in the next three Red Rose areas.

Once all the pieces are glued, I then embossed it to give the look of quilting. I had an embossing folder that looked like the double wedding ring pattern for this one but have done it with other ones too. After embossing, I glued this to a 3-1/4 inch square of Red Rose and used dimentionals to pop it up on the Pretty in Pink.

One thing that I should mention is that I like the look of the embossing better if you do it so it is debossed.... meaning don't have the raised lines of the embossing coming up on the front. Turn your piece over so it will deboss into the front.

Thanks again for stopping in and I hope you will try one of these too. It is really an easy card.



  1. Very clever and I really like the embossing done after you had put it together, - a lovely card,

  2. Carolyn, this is a beautiful quilt card, fast and simple to make. Thanks for sharing. Dianne

  3. This is so neat! I have done it previously with a scrapbook page and put pics in the squares.


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